What is RTP and How You Can Determine It

August 19, 2021

What is RTP and How You Can Determine It



When it comes to online casino games, different players are attracted for different reasons. Some players love the game's outlook, while others may be drawn to the game only for the intrigues and soundtrack that accompany casino games. But for most players, especially those hardcore players, what is looked out for is the RTP.

What is RTP

RTP, an acronym for return to players, is when a slot machine pays back its players for each unit wagered over time.  The higher the return to players, the more players will like to play their games at a casino. This RTP is, most times, expressed in percentage, say, for example, a casino has an 80% of RTP, which means that for every $100 a player puts in, the player gets 80 dollars back. Returning players would always go to the casino that offers a higher percent of RTP because this would mean they will likely win more at such an online casino.

The Place of RTP in Casinos games

RTP can be considered as a player against casino scenario. This is because the RTP determines players' winnings and how much a casino would earn. The example is given above, and where the player gets 80%, invariable the casino gets 20%.  Online casinos understand how crucial a favourable RTP is to players, so most offer between 90% to 95%as this increases clients' turnover.

How To Calculate RTP

It is as essential to a player as it is to an online casino to understand calculating RTP metrics. Knowing how to calculate RTP could be all a player needs to put his money in the right place.  Easy enough, calculating RTP does not require complicated math. To calculate RTP, one only has to divide the total amount returned to players by players' total amount gambled. If a player places a bet of $200 on a slot game and receives $100, the RTP would be 2, and when represented in percentage, it will come out as 50%. There is no need to have a heart attack; most casinos usually pay more than that, especially online casinos. 

The amount returned to the player is the net amount that a player earns after a game, while on the other hand, the amount gambled is the monetary worth of the player's bet. So once a player understands this, calculating the RTP becomes pretty straightforward.

The Other Source of RTP

Besides calculating the RTP of a casino yourself, you can get it from gaming jurisdiction reports. Here is the most reliable source of getting the RTP. The information on the reports contains what payback you can expect from a different casino. For a casino to be considered reputable, it is required to display each game's return in a visible place. It is only wise as a player to go with a higher RTP paying casinos knowing this now.