Which Football Players Play in Casinos And Gambling Games

July 30, 2021

Which Football Players Play in Casinos And Gambling Games



It is somewhat bizarre to believe that the most prominent people are also interested in activities that ordinary people enjoy. Celebrities are indeed human beings, just like everyone else, though.Casinos and gambling games are popular among football players. There are numerous times when football players are seen playing in Most people indeed find themselves irresistibly drawn to casinos. Football players enjoy playing football, but just like the rest of us, football players prefer having other hobbies as well. Let’s get into it and know which football players indulge in the fun entertainment of gambling.

James Maddison

Aside from being a famous footballer in the United Kingdom, James Maddison has always been known as someone who loves poker. He has been a fan of poker ever since and has played in some tournaments. There have been many times that James has seen traveling to gamble in a land-based casino, placing his bets in a poker game. Even when he is sick, he still has caught playing. There is no doubt that gambling is one of James' stress relievers. 

Gigi Buffon

Some well-known football players had a problem with their poker habits because not every country allows gambling. An excellent example is Italian soccer goalkeeper Gigi Buffon, accused of being an illegal bookmaker by the Italian football federation. Investigations were made, and he was found innocent regarding his gambling allegations. No charges were filed against him. 

Mario Balotelli

There’s nothing like superstars who are very generous to other people. Mario Balotelli enjoys gambling, and it looks like he is lucky in winning casinos. In some news, Mario Balotelli gives people or some casino staff when hitting a big win. In a recent article, it was mentioned that he gave a homeless person £1,000 after winning big. 

David Bentley

David Bentley started to learn more about betting when he was 14. He even said that he is far more interested in gambling to earn money rather than playing football. David has always believed in the power of gambling because he earned a lot of money from it. But, of course, gambling is quite risky. He also admitted that he lost a massive amount of money due to his gambling addiction. There is a miracle, though. David is over his gambling addiction, and now he rarely gambles.

Cristiano Ronaldo

In addition to being an amazing football player, Cristiano is also well-known for his love of gambling and poker. While he is a regular on poker sites like PokerStars, where fans are excited to see him play, he is also a PokerStars team member. He has also been a fixture on various other gaming sites where the public awaits his appearances. He also willingly faced off against the famous professional poker player Patrick Antonius, who's at least somewhat well-known.


Aside from being a football superstar, Neymar is also famous for playing poker. His love for poker made him join to become one of the PokerStars cultural ambassadors. He has won many games by being a Brazillian Footballer and even successfully played in the World Cup. But, never have we expected that the football superstar wants to pursue his gambling career permanently. Neymar said that he plans to quit football and focus on playing poker. Whatever his decisions are, we all know that both fields are superb. 


Seeing football players in casinos is not unusual nowadays. We can all agree that gambling is an incredible interest that is worthwhile of anybody’s time - be it ordinary people or famous ones. 

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