The Best Football-Themed Games

July 27, 2021

The Best Football-Themed Games



Sports-themed games have always been popular in video gaming. Even though in Finland nothing beats ice hockey, internationally football is the most-watched (and loved) sport. No wonder that video game producers go out of their way in making games around football. In the 80s we were as crazy about pixelated football games using primitive graphics as we are now for totally realistic-looking PS5 games.

If you haven’t played any yet, read on to find out which ones have been and are the best ones as we discussed this topic with Finnish iGaming expert Auli Wälkky. You can find out more about Auli here.

Arcade games from the 80s and 90s

  • Tehkan World Cup, a title from 1985 was one of the first games that utilized the overhead viewpoint idea for the game. It was a very quick game to play and it featured multiplayer gameplay and trackball controllers. It was super popular in arcades and later on, came to the C64 platform.
  • Virtua Striker was released in 1994 and it was the first-ever football video game to use 3D player models. The original game was developed by Sega AM2 but then it had several series during the years that were developed by Amusement Vision and later on Sega Sports Design R&D Dept.

Best football themed slots

Sports-themed games are popular among casino players in Finland. At several casinot netissä, you will find betting options for virtual football as well as a whole range of soccer themed online slots where you can try your luck at. In our opinion, these are the best soccer slots:

  • Football star was released in 2014 for FIFA 2014. This Microgaming slot features 5 reels and has 243 ways to win with a very decent return to player figure. The game has awesome graphics and sounds that can be enjoyed from PC, tablet or smartphones.
  • Euro Golden Cup from Genesis Gaming is played across a 5x3 setup with 25 available paylines. In the base game, you will collect flags and will, later on, have a chance to unlock more features and get to the free spins round.

Best football games PC

Graphics, computing power, and animation have developed so much in the past decades that it would not be fair to compare old PC football games to modern ones. Some of the best soccer games of all time were developed for kids, while others were designed for adults. Regardless of how old they are and for whom they were developed, these are some of the best games ever:

  • Super Mario Strikers was developed in 2005. It is never too early for little boys to get familiar with football, so this game is a good way to introduce them to the sport in a fun way.
  • FIFA 10 is considered one of the best soccer-themed games of all time. The title came out in 2009 and it features fluid and fast gameplay, great commentary, and excellent graphics.
  • Football Manager is a game from 2012 and it is much more than just kicking the ball around. You will have to make tactical decisions about new sign-ups as this is an all-around management game. 3D graphics make the gameplay interesting and every pass, shot and tackle can be viewed in detail.
  • UEFA Euro 2008 was created for the 2008 UEFA Euro tournament and became very popular with football fans who were strongly supporting their nation. It is a tactical game that has slower gameplay than similar soccer games.
  • FIFA 98: Road To The World Cup was developed by EA Canada in 1997 and as you would expect it looks very pixelated. It featured big names like David Beckham, Roy Lassiter, David Ginola, Raúl, Paolo Maldini, and Andreas Möller and the games are played in 16 different stadiums. Players could customize the teams and the football players and enjoy the official FIFA soundtrack while playing this game.


Football fans have not been left without football-themed games over the last 3 decades. Game developers have been perfecting the graphics and animations of the games over these years to ensure that we will always happily come back to a good game of football.