Your Most Important Bet: How to Choose the Right Bookmaker

July 06, 2021

Your Most Important Bet: How to Choose the Right Bookmaker


Many football fans love sports betting. But did you know that, when you wager on a sports event, you are actually betting on two separate things? 

You’re betting on the team you’ve backed to win. And you’re betting on your bookmaker to honor your winnings if that happens.

In order to place bets on sports events without the risk of being duped or cheated, you need to make sure that the bookmaker you choose is reputable, licensed, and reliable.

In this article, we will look at all the signs and symbols of a reputable bookmaker.

#1 Red Flag: Not Being Able to Register an Account

One of the main red flags, which surprisingly few people think about, is the possibility of actually registering an account in the portal. So, every institution that operates in the field of gambling must register you as a user before providing you with ANY services.

Creating an account can never be an option. It is mandated by gambling and anti-money laundering regulations.

Let’s take TonyBet as an example. If you follow the link, then a registration form appears. After successfully filling it out, you’ll be able to register an account. And only then can you start placing bets.

If a venue takes your money before you have the chance of registering an account, then they are, without a shadow of a doubt, trying to con you. 

Bookmaker Reputation

While reviews can be bought, a good reputation can’t. To determine the level of reliability and trustworthiness of the sportsbook, you need to take into consideration a wide range of factors:

  • How long has the sportsbook been on the market? The longer the history of the bookmaker, the more experience it has in providing services. Simply put, you are less likely to experience problems with an older venue than you are with a site that only appeared this year.

  • Official license. Never place bets on a site without a proper license from a government licensing authority.

  • Large number of plausible reviews. While online casinos are notorious for writing fake reviews about their own sites, you can still find reliable reviews that correspond to reality. In general, try to skip past glowing reviews and look at the ones that mention both pros and cons. If you find a lot of these, then chances are the bookmaker is legitimate.

Betting Markets & Odds

The more betting markets a venue offers, the better. But more importantly for today’s topic are odds that are advertised. If all the odds offered on the site are noticeably better than the odds offered by other markets, they should be treated not as an opportunity but as a warning.

Support Staff

Technical support is necessary so that any bettor has the opportunity to ask a question or have a problem solved. No customer support or slow support is a red flag. For the best experience, look for a venue with 24/7 live chat support or a toll-free phone number.

Variety of Withdrawal Methods

The number of payment methods available for withdrawing funds affects the convenience of withdrawal for each bettor who can choose the appropriate method.

It also shows you that the financial institutions trust the bookmaker enough to do business with them. Look for the presence of big, trusted payment solutions like American Express and PayPal. It is usually a sign of quality and reliability.