Why United Will Win The League Next Year

June 21, 2021

Why United Will Win The League Next Year


Manchester United are grabbing hold of the higher ranks of the Premier league. While their campaign for the top of the league was taken away from them in 2020/21, the Devils could not be more assured of the pending glory. Finishing in the last season with 74 points and in second place overall, Ole Gunnar is assured that the next year and season of his career with the club will prove fair better than the last-he was just warming up and a win is just a pending case. 

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Manchester United’s title hopes

While a second place in last season is not a win, it has been the best progress yet for United, since the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and the era of his reign at the club. Anyone who logically thinks this through, will know that Manchester United this time round made some more consistent gameplay, one that may share similarities to back in the Ferguson era. Sure, it is still out of reach, but we can say there is potential-some very strong hopes of potential to that last hurdle. It would not be so much of a leap, and it certainly is not coming from nowhere here, second place to first is not so far. It will take some work to align, but the fact that Manchester City managed to place 12 points ahead of United, the rivals clearly showcase that United need to put some work in, no doubt.

Manchester United rejected 

After coming together and addressing what the club needs postseason, it was suggested that a centre-back position and a right winger to aid central defence will surely provide a bridge to the gap between United and City. French player Varane was considered, and United di place an offer of £40 million to try and fill the bridge, but alas was rejected by Real Madrid and Varane himself. It is believed the player is favouring a PSG move, as he is due to be out of contract in 2022, but time will tell where he will actually end up. It certainly will not be at United unfortunately.

Social media has gone pretty crazy when it comes to addressing the transfer season ahead, and who they actually think will make it to the team for the next season. There have also been comparisons to the last most recent United winning Premier League campaign. While there are many comparisons to the last win and today, the contrasts could be looked at to aid with strategy today-they do say history repeats itself, don’t they? 

United need Investment 

Something that is very obvious here (on a more serious note), is the fact that United can indeed return to the summit of a Premiership League win, it is just a case of investing in the right playing positions, to kit up the United team just a bit. United will have to do this, or they will only ever be the second to City and never their better-it's just the way it is. The comparison 10 years ago was never really there, United were the best, and that can come back again with some money being invested back into the club!

The defensive midfield positions are the priority, where investment is needed, and while Varane has officially been swiped off the table, we do have other options such as Declan Rice for example, that could bring the missing mettle that United so very much need to their overall team chemistry. This could be the spin and structure to a solid season win. Yes, we know that Harry Kane would be the best signing that could happen to United, but United do not have that kind of money at the moment to splurge out and we need to really focus on the right wing strengthening first here. Could Jadon Sancho be the next to arrive at the club and help the next season be secured as the first win in a decade? Possibly...