7 of the Most Fascinating Sports Trivia Tidbits

June 07, 2021

7 of the Most Fascinating Sports Trivia Tidbits


Knowing all the latest online stats about your favorite sport may win you sports betting Thunderbolt casino bonuses but learning about sports trivia can be even more fun! You can relieve some of the tension by regaling your buddies with little-known facts about sports, athletes and sporting events while you’re waiting to see how your bets pan out.

It’s always good to have some little tidbits to discuss as you enjoy your favorite game.

Which team coach left the bench to join his team on the ice during a Stanley Cup Finals game?

Lester Patrick was a Hall of Famer who was part of the New York Rangers when they won their six Stanley Cups, first as a player and later as a coach and general manager. On April 7, 1928 he left his seat on the bench, where he was coaching the team, to get on the ice and lead the team to Stanley Cup victory.

In a game against the Montreal Marrons, goaltender Lorne Chatbot was hit in the eye and was forced to leave the game. The Maroons refused to allow the Rangers to substitute backup goaltender who or a minor-leaguer. Patrick put on his skates and took over the defense of the goal himself. The Rangers rallied and 44-year-old Patrick blocked 18 of the 19 shots that the Maroons aimed at him. The Rangers won the game in overtime.


Did an NFL player ever score a goal for the other side?

Yes. In 1964 Jim Marshall, defensive end for the Vikings, somehow got himself turned around on the field. In a game against the San Francisco Niners Marshall recovered a Niners fumble and raced 66 yards to the end zone. Only problem was that it was the wrong endzone and he ended up scoring for the opposing team. There was a lot of teasing, both from team members and from the media, but luckily Marshall was a good enough player that his mistake was put aside and he went on to enjoy another 15 years with the Vikings. Marshall held the career records for most games played (282) and the most consecutive starts (270). To this day he still holds the NFL record for the most fumbles recovered (30) during a career.

Which NFL team suffered the most consecutive losses?

The Buccaneers were established in 1976. During their first season, they suffered 14 losses out of 14 games played. The following season wasn’t much better and all in all they have a 26-game losing streak. When they finally won a game, the coach of the opposing team was immediately fired. The Bucs did manage to recoup and won the Super Bowl in 2003 and in 2021.

Which NFL Team went undefeated for an entire season?

In 1972, the Miami Dolphins went undefeated for the entire season, including the Super Bowl, which they won.

Which star NBA player retired at the height of his basketball career to play Minor League Baseball?

Michael Jordan, who played 15 seasons with the Chicago Bulls, is widely believed to have been the best pro basketball player of all times. Known for his famous slam dunks which earned him the nickname “His Airness”, Jordan led the Bulls to six championships and a resulting six Most Valuable Player Awards. He held ten scoring titles, ten All-NBA First Team designations, fourteen NBA All-Star Game selections, nine All Defensive First Team honors and was named a member of the FIBA Hall of Fame.

IN 1993 Jordan’s father was murdered and a shaken Jordan announced his retirement, saying that he wanted to pursue his father’s dream of him playing baseball. He played with the Birmingham Barons for two years and then sent the hearts of Bulls’ fans soaring by returning to the basketball court, announcing in a press release that made its way around the world, “I’m back.”

Why is Mary, Queen of Scots, who ruled Scotland 450 years ago, famous in the sports world?

Mary, Queen of Scots, who ruled at the same time as Elizabeth I of England, was an avid golfer. Golf had been banned in Scotland by rulers who worried that playing the game would distract Scotsmen from preparing for war with England. By the time Mary took the throne the bans had been reversed and golf was, once again, a popular pastime for the Scots.

Mary played on the links at St Andrews and helped popularize the game throughout the British Isles. Mary was eventually imprisoned and then executed by her cousin Elizabeth I but her dedication to the game of golf was a legacy. After Elizabeth’s death, Mary’s son, James VI of Scotland, became King James I of England. He helped establish the golf course at Royal Blackheath where a private members club still operates today.

Why do golf balls have “dimples”?

The dimples on a golf ball ensure that the ball has traction on the terrain. The dimples create a thin turbulent boundary layer of air that allows the smoothly flowing air to surround the ball's surface, reaching to the back side of the ball. The size of the wake is decreased. The average golf ball has 336 dimples.