PSG And Istanbul Match Abandoned Due To Racism Controversy

December 15, 2020

PSG And Istanbul Match Abandoned Due To Racism Controversy

Despite 2020 being one of the most unusual years that many of us have lived through, the sporting world has still continued to bring joy to our lives, even without audiences. With England winning two title wins in the Rugby and football spectacularly returning to our screen, it is no surprise to many that the Champions League is packed full of the latest drama. In this article, we will be providing you with insight into the latest Champions League news and what this could mean for the sport.

The Champions League So Far

Since the Champions League qualifying rounds began in august there have been several stands out teams that are seeming like the popular choice to win. Not only are there some of the best teams in Europe throughout this knockout stage, but the final sixteen has seen some of the most amazing teams make their way to the final stages, we have set to see a huge match-up for the wins of the Champions League.

The Outstanding Performance Of PSG

PSG have been one of the worlds best football teams across the board, regardless of the league that they have been playing in and the Champions League have been no different. By winning four out of the last five games that they have played, PSG has been one of the best teams in the league thus far coming in at the top of Group H.

This amazing performance has seen them at the top of Group H for a majority of the competition putting them in good contention for the championship at this time. As the Champions League has continued, the popular betting odds have changed several times across many different sites. With several of the world’s best European teams such as Bayern Munich and PSG becoming some of the top favourites for the overall league winner, it is PSG at 12/1 that have managed to gain the confidence of the fans and come out as one of the favourites to win across numerous betting sites. In addition to this, there are some of the best Premier League teams being unable to qualify such as Manchester United who were unable to see themselves through to the final 16. As a result of this, it is Man City at 5/1 and Liverpool at 6/1 that has become one of the most popular EPL teams to win the league.

Though it is looking positive for a number of our major teams, there are still several more games to be played and with the epidemic still having a huge impact on how sport is played, who knows what may happen in the coming months.

Taking The Knee For The Black Lives Matter Movement

2020 has had a major year for everyone in terms of the pandemic and the impact that it has had on our daily lives. Alongside the pandemic, there has also been a light shone on the Black Lives Matter Movement following the tragic events that have taken place in America with George Floyd and countless others. In response to this movement as a sign of solidarity, many across the world of sport have taken the knee to highlight the issue of racism and show that this will not stand within the world of sport. This latest Champions League match between PSG and Istanbul was no different.

With both teams taking the knee at the start of the event as a sign of solidarity it was all going swimmingly. However, with just 13 minutes of the game being played before the incident was flagged up by those at the game and Pierre Achille Webo was sent off for the racism incident.

Alleged Racist Remarks During Match

Though there is a formal investigation currently happening with UEFA regarding this incident, both players walked off of the pitch in protest of what happened with the remaining minutes of the game being played the following day. The match was played with a completely new set of officials making it fair for everyone involved. This saw PSG go on to win the match 5-1 making them one of the best teams in the leagues thus far at this time.

Should the official be found guilty as a result of this investigation he will face a minimum of a 10-match ban minimum as the UEFA crackdown on racism within the sport.

Regardless of whether you have been following the Champions League closely, bet on it or you are just a fan of the sport in general, there are several different elements to consider as we await not only the results of the investigation, but the rest of the matches to be played. Who do you think will end up taking home the title?