Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Clasico

January 08, 2018

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Clasico

Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Clasico

When it comes to soccer in Europe, there is no fiercer competition between two teams than the one between Barcelona and Real Madrid. And as per usual, there can’t be a great soccer match without various rumors and conspiracy theories surrounding it.

The Clasico is one of the greatest soccer events that occur in European soccer, and the stakes are high for everyone who is interested in the outcomes of those matches.

So if the said theories can affect the results of the matches, they should be addressed and analyzed. Is there any truth in them? And even if not, is the media coverage enough to affect the teams?

What is Being Said

One of the conspiracy theories centers on the referees in Clasico matches over the years. It is no secret that the referees in Spain can't be 100% objective, especially with the never-ending political feud between the Catalan's and Spain's capital.

Both teams accuse the referees of being unfair when it comes to performing their duties on the field, and as there are no goal-line tech and other electronic aids in Spanish soccer, it is hard to determine who is wrong and who is right.

For example, last year, right before the Clasico, an anonymous referee claimed that he was ordered to favor Real Madrid in the upcoming game. However, this accusation couldn’t be verified in any way since there were no records of the calls. But the lack of evidence didn't do much to stop the media storm, which might have affected the results of the game more than we'd like to believe.

Even if no actual charges have been made, the accusation itself was enough to affect the referees. Did they tip the results in favor of the Catalan team only to show the rumors were false? Barcelona won 4-0 in that specific game, which may have been a direct result of the referees being scared of the media's attack on them.

Maybe today, with the media coverage that doesn’t allow for such mistakes to happen, the chances for the referees to favor one group over the other are slim. However, the situation wasn’t always like this. Apparently, during Franco's leadership, there was a clear show of bias when it came to Real Madrid, and the Catalan’s aren’t quick to forget that.

All in all, the conspiracy theories regarding the referees in the Spanish leagues aren’t that far-fetched. But since there is no way to prove any of them are true, due to the absence of the required technology in the field, there is no point in dwelling on this issue.

However, fans of both teams will always have a reason to believe that their favorite team was somehow wronged along the way, which can influence the media’s coverage of the matches. Are the results a clear show of skill, or do the team's managers affect the player's performance to appease the media and the crowd?

Why Watch the Games in the First Place

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